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The automated pipetting system “pipetty” is a device which performs programmed transfers of liquid between preselected groups of containers. “Pipetty” is one of the smallest auto pipette and also one of the most accurate pipetting device in the market. It will make your routine pipetting tasks in the laboratory to be eassier and eliminate manual pipetting errors.


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Size H:182mm, W:21㎜, D:30㎜
Appearance MSIC01-01-20 MSIC01-01-250 MSIC01-01-1000
Weight Approx.70g(Include battery)
Power AAA Nickel hydride battery
(Recommendation:Panasonic EVOLTA)
Capacity 20μL 250μL 1,000μL
Dispensing volume range 1~20μL 10~250μL 50~1,000μL
Repeatability(CV) 20μL ≦0.5%
1μL ≦5%
250μL ≦0.5%
10μL ≦3%
1,000μL ≦0.3%
50μL ≦3%
Accuracy 20μL ≦±1%
1μL ≦±5%
250μL ≦±0.5%
10μL ≦±3%
1,000μL ≦±0.3%
50μL ≦±3%
Dispending speed 3.2~6.5μL/sec 39.3~78.5μL/sec 156.3~312.6μL/sec
Continues duration dispense cycle Pipetting Approx 1,000 cycle
Tip ICL exclusive Tip , other general Tip

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Price list

Item Standard price
pipetty All model 74,800 JPY
Optional item Standard price
Exclusive Tip 10 racks
(96 tips in 1 rack)
20μL 14,880 JPY
250μL 14,880 JPY
1,000μL 16,800 JPY
Metal nozzle 20μL 17,000 JPY
250μL 12,000 JPY
1,000μL 12,000 JPY
Exclusive holder for three pipetty 4,500 JPY
Custom minimum range(ex. 10μL→1μL) 10,000 JPY
Exclusive rechargeable battery and battery charger 2,000 JPY

Optional items


【pipetty】Instruction Manual

Down load PDF 【pipetty】Instruction Manual


South Korea
HYUNDAI Micro Co., Ltd.


World-Wide (Except South Korea, Taiwan and Japan)
Hoefer a division of Harvard Biosceience, Inc.
Harvard Bioscience, Inc.