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New product released the Automated cell culture system called ‘CytoAuto’

Icomes Lab corporation released a new product Automated Cell Culture System called ‘CytoAuto’

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●High quality of medium exchange at the 35 mm cell culture dish
・The simple and compact system of ‘CytoAuto’ limites the risks of contamination and provides less dead volume.
・CytoAuto sends alert massages when an error occurrs in the system during experiments.
・CytoAuto automatically logs your laboratory work. For example, both the time and speed exchanged, name of cultivated cell, and name of cell culture medium.

●Work Efficiency
・Many researchers routinely supplement or exchange their culture media for growing cells during out of office hours regardless of weekend or holidays. However, most of them struggle with high costs or human resources. ‘CytoAuto’ improves on working hours issues and reduce the costs considerably.

●The Microplate Standards : ANSI/SBS
・’CytoAuto’ is designed to meet the Microplate Standards : ANSI/SBS. Resaerchers can choose one from following dishes. One is type A dish with size of ‘H 128 mm × W 85 mm × D 33 mm’ and the other is type B with size of ‘H 128 mm × W 85 mm × D 37 mm. Therefore, researchers are able to use these tools with regular incubators, microscopes and 35 mm cell culture dishes. ‘CytoAuto’ is also designed to meet with ‘Live cell imaging’ which was pioneered in the first decade of the 20th century.

System map

CytoAuto SystemMap


Size H:128 mm × W:85 mm × D:40 mm
Weight 200g
Culture plate 35mm
Reservoir tank / Waste tank 4~10mL
Power DC 12V / Battery available

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Reservoir tank (Waste tank)

Culture Dish manufacturer Capacity[mL]

Culture dishes

Manufacturer Code Compatibility
FALCON 351008 Recommended
IWAKI 3000-035 Available
CORNING 430165 Available
greiner 627160 Available
Nunc 150318 Available
SUMILON MS-10350 Available

Finacial support

‘CytoAuto’ was developed with financial support from ‘New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization’ and ‘Iwate Industry Promotion Center’ in Japan.