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“Tofutty nano” 0.01μL Dispenser

Icomes Lab corporporation developed Nano-level Electric dispenser ‘Tofutty nano’ in February 2017.  We released Electric dispenser ‘Tofutty’ that dispenses low liquid (o.1μL~) in August 2016. ‘Tofutty nano’ improve the dispensing capacity of Tofutty higher to Nano-level (0.01μL~). We believe this is the best dispenser which apply high viscosity and super low liquid precisely in the world. We also guarantee this will bring improvement to your work and reduce your costs considerably.


Compact and Cordless body
-Easy movement in narrow space
-Small size (height 156mm , width 22.5mm , depth 38mm)
-Light Weight (80g)

Precise and Easy Operation
-Φ8 micro actuator technology of Icomes makes it possible to apply super low liquid of high viscosity materials in high precision.

Precise and Easy Operation
-Adhesive, Epoxies, Screw lockings, Oils
※Viscosity Under5,000mPa・s


Size H:156mm , W: 22.5mm , D: 38mm
Weight 80g
Capacity 50μL
Power AAA battery (Ni-MH)
(Specify:Panasonic rechargeable battery EVOLTA)
Syringe nozzle General-purpose needles are available
(Recommendation:Musashi Engineering taper nozzle)
Viscosity Under 5,000mPa
Syringe UV block syringe (Material:glass)

Tofutty Nano Introduction

■How to despense liquid.(Volume:0.1μL)

■How to fill liquid in the syringe.